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Where Shoes Become Wearable Art

Discover matiandesign, where shoes transform into captivating works of wearable art. Crafted by the skilled and talented artist Neda Matian, these hand-painted shoes merge comfort with unparalleled beauty, offering a collection of over a hundred exclusive designs. Step into a realm where each footfall leaves behind a vibrant trail of color, showcasing the artistry of Neda Matian, the creative force behind the brand.

Unleashing Artistry: The Captivating World of Hand-Painted Shoes by matiandesign

Welcome to the captivating world of matiandesign, where passion and artistry intertwine to create hand-painted shoes like no other. From an early age, I possessed an insatiable desire for the extraordinary, constantly seeking something truly special. This led me on a quest for shoes that not only provided comfort but also radiated unparalleled beauty. On that fateful day, May 1, 2017, I took matters into my own hands and transformed a plain shoe into a unique masterpiece, brimming with artistry and personal flair. Filled with exhilaration and pride, I shared my creation on my personal Instagram page, unknowingly setting in motion a remarkable chain of events.

To my astonishment, my friends were captivated by the hand-painted shoes adorning my feet. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and they clamored for their own one-of-a-kind designs, yearning for a touch of individuality in their footwear. And thus, matiandesign was born—a brand that merges passion, creativity, and the empowerment of wearable art.

Over time, inspiration blossomed, and the matiandesign collection flourished, expanding exponentially. By the close of 2022, I had poured my heart into crafting over a hundred exclusive designs, each one a testament to the harmonious fusion of art and fashion. However, life’s unpredictable nature threw a wrench in our journey. Due to unforeseen internet issues, the matiandesign page unfortunately met an untimely closure. Nevertheless, my spirit remained undeterred.

With unwavering determination, I sought out an alternate platform to share my vision, my labor of love. Thus, matiandesignn came into being—a new haven where the enchantment of hand-painted shoes continues to thrive. It is here that I showcase my samples, hoping to ignite the same sense of wonder that initially captivated me.

Through the highs and lows, the challenges and triumphs, matiandesign emerged as a symbol of resilience, breathing life into the ordinary. Every brushstroke holds a piece of my soul, and each design stands as a testament to the power of self-expression. So, join me on this dramatic journey, as matiandesign transports you to a realm where shoes transcend their mere utility and evolve into wearable works of art. Step into a world where your every footfall leaves behind a vibrant trail of color—a narrative painted by your very own hand.

Walk in Color

Step into art. Walk with stories. matiandesign.

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“The beauty of matiandesign shoes lies not only in their vibrant colors and intricate designs, but in the stories they carry with every step. Each brushstroke tells a tale of artistry and self-expression, transforming footwear into wearable masterpieces. Walk with confidence, for with matiandesign, your shoes become a canvas for your unique journey.” – Neda Matian, Artist Calligrapher and Founder of matiandesign.

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